New Year Countdown Rave 2021

We ended the year with a bang!

Abuja!!! Thank you so much for showing up in abundance! The rave was a success & we couldn’t have done it without all the positive energy you brought into the park.

And to our fantastic collaborators: @thecapitalmvmt and performing DJs/Hypemen, we appreciate all efforts for making it possible for everyone to enjoy the show!

We were also able to stay warm with the delicious chocolate-infused cappuccino freely distributed by @cuppacupsng

As always, thank you @tapasonthegreen for feeding us & @moscow_underground_ for supplying the booze!

Enjoy the snippets & tag your people #HumansOfCentralParkAbuja

by @terver.malu

Celebrating World Earth Day

In commemoration of this year’s WORLD EARTH DAY which will be celebrated worldwide on 4/22/2022, Central Park Abuja will be carrying out PLANT-A-TREE exercise in support of the event.

This event is free for everyone. It’s a great time to come and deepen your relationship with nature! πŸƒπŸŒ±

Will you be attending? We can’t wait to celebrate Mother Nature with you.

1st Annual Children’s Day Jamboree & Costume Party

Enjoy the joy and laughter on your llittle ones faces with your family/friends on our “1st ANNUAL CHILDREN’S DAY JAMBOREE & COSTUME PARTY”

The celebration will be held on our fully equipped playground and open field with a goal to provide maximum fun for all!
Last, last, everyone is somebody’s child [P.S adults get their bouncy castle too!]

Kids are recommended to come dressed in their favourite costumes and get a chance to win prizes for THE BEST 5 COSTUMES OF THE DAY 😁

We look forward to a memorable time with our community #HumansOfCentralParkAbuja


Our 1st ANNUAL CHILDREN’S DAY JAMBOREE & COSTUME PARTY was filled with lots of Joy, Freedom, Love, Happiness, and Cherished Moments.

A huge Thank You to all our amazing #HumansOfCentralParkAbuja & CPA Team πŸ€

Special thanks to these brands who supported us generously by co-creating positive energy:

@bata_nigeria for the lovely pairs of school shoes given to our winners
@andiescandiesng for serving the Park with your delicious lollipops & candies
@badhumandesigns for helping the kids create magic

VIDEO CREATED BY @blessedworks1 πŸ™ŒπŸΏ

We look forward to more memorable experiences with you.