Craving a healthy feast?

Join us at Smileys Grill for the ultimate combo: burgers, shawarma, nuggets, fries, ice cream, and shisha!

Enjoy healthy bites at Smileys Grill!

From savory shawarma to juicy burgers, chicken wings, golden nuggets, and fries.

Don’t forget our Kids Happy Meal box, aromatic tea/coffee, Shisha, and sweet treats like ice cream. Your taste buds will thank you!

Enjoy quick food and delivery straight to your doorstep?

Discover the ultimate fast-foodie haven at Smileys Grill; where every bite is a blend of fresh, healthy, and organic goodness!

Smileys Grill—Central Park’s hotspot

Indulge in smiles and flavors at Smileys Grill—Central Park’s hotspot for organic burgers, shawarma, wings, nuggets, ice cream, Shisha, and tea. #Good times guaranteed!

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Smiley’s Grill

 Look to your right when you drive into the park.
We are open daily

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Central Park Abuja

Plot 174, Kur Mohammed Avenue Central Business area,
Beside Kebbi hotel (Former GSM village).
P: +234 809 272 2852

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